In this article for brokers, we take a look at how to maximum visibility for your ads, not just on Boatshop24, but also in Google’s search results. There are many things you can do to help increase the level of impressions for your ads and help to drive traffic, in order to receive more leads.

Alongside the ad elements highlighted in our last guide, the following tips will also help you to focus on what’s important on your ad details pages.

  1. Eliminating duplicate content

Duplicate content is any content that appears in more than one place across your ads. Content like this can make it particularly difficult for Google to decide what to include in the search results and so any duplicates of the ad they choose may not be indexed.

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It’s therefore important that when writing the content on your ads details pages you ensure that each ad is completely unique and that none of the pages you have essentially created on the site, are competing with each other.

  1. Backlinks

Links to your ad details pages are hugely important to both search engines and potential customers. Google uses links to discover new pages and determines the popularity of those pages to know which to show for a searcher’s query.

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It’s important to link to your ad details page on Boatshop24 from your own website in order to increase it’s ‘popularity score’ in the eyes of search engines. However, it’s also important not to over-do it and in most cases, including just one link from your site to the page is enough.

Remember, when linking to your ad details page; be sure to use your popular keywords as the text for the link. This will help to increase your ad’s visibility for that search query. For example, if your boat is a Jeanneau Merry Fisher boat, you could link to your ad details page with the text ‘Jenneau Merry Fisher boat for sale’.

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  1. Writing unique content

Creating a blog for your website with articles about industry news, your latest stock listings or advice on selling, or buying a boat is a great way to help increase your site’s visibility in Google. For example, focussing on questions that potential buyers may be searching for the answer to, such as what shall I look for when buying a boat? Or which boat will suit my lifestyle? Your blog will have a great chance at being shown in the search results for related queries from users.

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If you already have a blog, ensure that you regularly include a link in your articles (where relevant) to your stock/ad pages, as well as your ad details pages on Boatshop24. You can also include a link to your Boatshop24 ad and your other stock categories within content on the boat ad pages of your website.

Alternatively a feed can be used to pull in all of your ads from Boatshop24, enabling users to click through directly in order to view more information. The feed will automatically include links back to your ads on Boatshop24, which in turn will help to increase their visibility in Google’s search results. Click this link to read more about what we can offer.

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  1. Social Shares

While it’s still debatable that social shares directly influence a webpage’s position in search listings, the social profiles for your company will definitely influence the content of those search results. In fact, social profiles are often found amongst the top results in search listings for company names and brands.

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By increasing the number of shares and social links to your ads on Boatshop24, you will also be helping to improve brand awareness, creating a buzz about your company and encouraging natural links to be built back to the content on your website and ads on Boatshop24.

Social is incredibly important to SEO and it shouldn’t be ignored. Sharing your ads and encouraging shares from your followers, on both your own website and those on Boatshop24 is highly valuable and remember, just because Google says that social signals don’t currently impact search rank, doesn’t mean they never will.